Unlike the Community mule-module-drools, this module has been re-engineered to properly managed sessions, release sessions between each Drools Engine invocation.

GotSOA also offers a Mule CE on AWS or CloudHub based Business Rules Engine (BRE) that leverages the improved GotSOA mule-module-drools.
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AS/400 Community Connector (Code available as Open Source)

{available on download from GotSOA's github account.

Mule 2.x to 3.x Converter

Bundled with the GotSOA Migration Methodology, the converter allows 80-90% of Mule 2.x code to be converted automatically.
For a 100% conversion accuracy, custom components further require manual triage and our services.
Typically the converter allows 80% savings on a typical T&M code migration assignment.

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