Close cooperation with leading ESB industry vendors and System Integrators


We are a subject matter experts when it comes to Mule ESB. Our solutions architect have many years of experience and successful implementations using Mule ESB - both Enterprise and Community Edition. We build integrations solutions for the long run whether on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.
We favor Mule over commercial ESB solutions due to its agility, scalability and for obvious budget reasons.
Got SOA?® is a MuleSoft partner which guarantees our customers a quality service and a delivery inline with MuleSoft software roadmap.
Working with Got SOA? ensures a fast Mule knowledge ramp up for projects of any size and complexity and a the closest possible relationship to MuleSoft support engineers.


Talend ESB is a multi-purpose and highly scalable enterprise service bus.
Its standard-based connectivity layer allows enterprise IT organizations to integrate their applications and systems across any environment on premise (modern or legacy) and hosted/cloud/SaaS. It is architected on the best-of-bread open source Apache Foundation stack such as CXF, Camel, ActiveMQ, Karaf... and presents the richest inventory of Integration patterns.
Talend ESB offers a lightweight, distributed and extensible architecture with an unlimited support of protocols, data formats and adapters. We believe Talend ESB Data Integration/ETL abilities and robustness is the most advanced on the ESB market, both commercial and open source.
We also embrace Talend ESB for its 'Enterprise Readiness' character, offering concise and ample documentation, a true open source license and a rather unique support offering for Community Edition customers.
Our team of Integration experts is regularly trained by the Apache & Talend committers and maintains a high competency level across the Talend Integration Solution suite.


Epidata is a Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software management solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own. Leveraging SOA and EAI projects. Epidata has a 10 year track record of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon and Walmart. Epidata updates and maintains companies core applications as well as migrate to new Technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project Team productivity.