Got SOA? is a SOA vendor of the Universities of California

University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has retained Got SOA? for SOA and Mulesoft expertise in Architecture, Development, and Quality Assurance.

Cross Campus Enrollment System (CCES) Initiative is a critical and state-wide project to integrate seamlessly all UC campuse Student Information Systems. Students can now enroll and attend online course hosted by other campuses than their home campus.

The Got SOA? team delivers a new REST API design and implementation with a hub and spoke topology, where priorly campuses were exchanging files among one another.
The hub - core system of the integration - runs on Mulesoft CloudHub/Api-gateway and Salesforce while spokes SOA is supported by miscellaneous ESBs such as Fuse, WS02 and Mule CE.
Got SOA design and implementation robustness supports a 100 X scaling level, thank also to Cloudhub, which in a subsequent project phase allows the UCOP stake holders to expand the reach of CCES to State and even City colleges.