Updated on: March 7, 2016

Name   Resume   Base Territory Technical Skills
David Request it! Cupertino, CA Canada & US West Coast, Western Europe
  • ESBs: Mule, JBoss.
  • Erlang, Java/JEE, Spring, Groovy, Ruby, C, Objective-C, C#, C++
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, CouchDB
  • AMQP JMS, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ
  • Rackspace Cloud, Amazon Cloud, AWS
  • Maven, OAuth, Drools, jBPM
Stephane Request it! San Francisco, CA US, Canada, Mexico, World-wide
  • ESBs: Mule/Cloudhub, Talend
  • Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, XML/XSLT, SOAP&REST Web Services (Axis, CXF, Jersey, RAML/APIkit), AJAX
  • RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Derby, MS-SQL, DB2), WebsphereMQ, ActiveMQ
  • AWS, EC2, S3, SQS, Groovy, jMeter, YourKit
Raj Request it!

Toronto, ONT US, Canada, India
  • ESBs: Mule/CloudHub
  • Java/JEE, Spring, Groovy
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcache, MongoDB
  • AMQP JMS, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ
  • AWS, Maven, OAuth
Andrew Request it! Denver, CO US, Canada
  • ESBs: Mule/Cloudhub, Camel
  • Java/J2EE, Spring, Java/J2E, C#, Python, Groovy, XML/XSLT, SOAP&REST Web Services, AJAX
  • RDBMS (MySQL, MS-SQL), ActiveMQ, Solr, Alfresco.
  • Drools, Maven, REST, SOAP, JMS, MMS, Ehcache, jMeter, YourKit
Marco Request it! Guadalajara, JA US, Canada, LATAM {skill set}
John Request it! New York, NY US East-Coast
  • ESBs: Mule CE/EE, Cloudhub
  • ...being updated...
Sergey Request it! Buenos Aires, ARG US, Canada, Europe, LATAM
  • ESBs: Cloudhub
  • ...being updated...
Sri Request it! Philadelphia, PA US East-Coast {skill set}
Azaz Request it! Ahmedabad, GU World-wide Remote {skill set}
Niraj Request it! Bengalore, UP World-wide Remote {skill set}
Maurizio Request it! Sao Paolo, BR World-wide Remote {skill set}
Kasim Request it!

San Jose, CA US, India
  • ESBs: Mule EE, Cloudhub
  • ...being updated...
Horatiu Request it!

Toronto, ONT US, Canada, Europe Extensive experience creating:
  • Design/architecture plans and solution requirements
  • Project Reviews and feasibility
  • Drives innovation
  • Resolves compatibility between systems and platforms
  • Multiple platform integration/middleware in-depth knowledge, in particular Mulesoft
  • High-availability and high performance solutions
  • Champions architectural soundness and direction to advance the IT roadmap
  • Certification in EA Frameworks/methodologies such as TOGAF and Zachman